Emotional start for ‘The Walking Dead’

Leighann Sallick, Contributing writer

Get out your tissues. Gather around the television. Hold your friends’ and families’ hands. If you have not watched the premiere of the Season 7 of “The Walking Dead”, then you will understand why after reading this.

Warning, there are many spoilers ahead, so beware.

This premiere is considered one of the hardest episodes to watch in the show’s history. Emotions were running high, tears were flowing and fans could not comprehend what had happened at the end of it all.

Fans knew that this would be a tough episode to watch, but not this tough.

The past season finale ended on a cliff-hanger, letting audience members know that there would be one character death.

We were prepared for this, the only thing is that we had no idea who would die, and it left people feeling uneasy.

But did anyone expect more than one character to be killed? Definitely not.

The episode started with Rick and his flashbacks to the death of someone.

Negan, who is now considered the most twisted villain of the series, is about to end one member of the group’s life. He ultimately decides to kill Abraham with his baseball bat, named Lucille, which is covered in barbed wire.

Many fans were disappointed to have seen him go, but it didn’t come as a total blow to our hearts.

Fans thought this was the end of the killings. Sadly, it was not.

Daryl, one of the main characters, attempted to stand up to Negan. Although it was seen as brave for a moment, it led to a whole other death.

Negan decides that instead of killing Daryl for what he has done, he will kill someone else. He turns around and hits Glenn.

At this point, every person watching was shocked. This was not expected, two deaths and the second one being Glenn. Negan hits him so hard, his eye even begins to pop out, and continues to do this until there is nothing of his head left.

The episode made fans shed many tears and recall memories on both characters. Abraham, the tough leader who we first met along with Eugene and Rosita, was first introduced in Season 4. We will never forget his braveness and crude, humorous language used regularly.

Last, but not least, Glenn. Glenn will always be our sweet, funny and lovable character who still lives in our hearts. He made his appearance in the first episode of the series, when his voice is first heard on the radio in the tank Rick was trapped in.

We will never forget how fast he grew up and became a key member of Rick’s group. And who could forget his and Maggie’s love story? How they fell in love, in spite of walkers surrounding them. What breaks our hearts even more is that Maggie is pregnant, and Glenn will no longer be around.

Although it is hard to think about the show without these characters being around anymore, we will get over it in time. We are in for an interesting season; to see how everyone will recuperate with the deaths and find out how the show plans to get rid of Negan. Season 7 is now on AMC so tune in next Sunday to watch new episodes.