Galaxy 2 combines several styles of play

Galaxy 2 is a real-time Strategy game on Facebook made by IGG Inc.

In it you take command as the leader of a planet somewhere in the universe and it is up to you to build up your fleets, keep them supplied and develop better technology to make your fleets and Empire an unstoppable force in the universe.

Galaxy 2 is one of a couple of games I have seen recently that seem to be going in a new direction when it comes to game play. It is not just some resource management game, like Farmville, where you just point and click on vegetables even though there is something along those lines in this game.

It is also not just a click on a random button until the game tells you that you are done like in Mafia Wars. And though it is not exactly a tower defense game, there is an element of that in the game as well. In other words, it combines several styles of play and creates a whole new way to enjoy the game.

Galaxy 2 is set in a Science fiction setting which as a setting I have not seen a lot of on Facebook. Sure, if you look up “galaxy” on Facebook Apps you will find tons of them, however, this is the first one I have see that actually seems to have caught people’s attention. In other words, there is no lack of players for this game.

As with every Facebook game, it’s not all peaches and cream After a while you will find that playing the game becomes harder to do without having to spend real money. Yep folks, that’s right, this is yet another game that tries to suck money out of your already depleted pocket.

The fact that you might have to spend money is not the worst of it. You also can’t play with your Facebook friends. Oh sure, you can invite them and there will be a tab at the bottom that says that you do have friends on this game; however, it is literally impossible to actually make any use of them in the game.

Where, in most Facebook games, friends can help you do things like harvest crops, or repair damaged buildings you can’t do any of that in Galaxy 2.That, for me, is the worst part of it. How can you play a social network game when you can’t even play with folks that you know.

This game has a lot of potential (and I mean a lot) but it seems to be to hyperfocused on squeezing money out of your pocket which is why I am only giving Galaxy 2, a 3 out of 5.