Winter weather is coming


Casey Bleuel

Icicles hanging from the Herrmann Student Union during the harsh winter in early 2015.

Lauren Murphy, Staff writer

Winter is coming, and it is going to be a rough one. Weather and temperature forecasts all predict a slightly colder winter on the East Coast. What does this mean for the school? Maintenance was unavailable to comment on this issue, but for the students it means bundling up more before heading to class.

The cold temperatures, bitter winds and heavy inches of snow seem to not be in favor with many students. “I don’t really like the snow, and if this winter is worse than last winter, I’m not excited,” said senior Erin McGarrity.

Of course, winter and the snow give both students and faculty alike a reason to drink hot chocolate from Tim Hortons and partake in the winter holidays. The cold cannot be all that bad. “I like winter, because I get to wear my warm sweaters and the campus looks pretty,” said junior Jane Van Vessem.

Weather forecasters are saying that a La Niña is expected to influence winter conditions this year. A La Niña tends to influence the drier and warmer winters in Southern states, while influencing the wetter and cooler winters in Northern states.

This winter, Southern states are expected to experience higher than average warm and dry conditions. Northern states are expected to experience higher than average wet and cool conditions.

The National Weather Service (NWS) states that 70 percent of fatalities related to snow and ice happen in automobiles. About 25 percent of all winter fatalities occur because people are caught off guard. The NWS advises individuals who venture out into the snow to be careful and stay on guard.