Yoga Club offers stress-free zone

Sarah Miller, Contributing writer

After the first few weeks of class and a killer cold, I desperately needed some form of replenishment to reclaim my sanity.

Though it may surprise you, I did not discover the peace I needed through a church service. I did not pray or confess. I did not worship any god of any sort nor did I take one of those mythical, all-renewing four-hour naps. Instead, I joined Yoga Club.

The beautiful thing about yoga and especially meditation, at least for me, is that it makes you analyze and question, “am I really living?”

As you meditate and breathe in, a powerful feeling of gratitude and appreciation for this life and yourself fills your heart and permeates to the tips of your fingers and toes.

Through this experience and sort of enlightenment, I am more able to seize each day and feel like my best self.

Thanks to the Yoga Club, I can make time in my schedule to focus on telling myself to simply slow down and just breathe, which is a powerful tool for restoration, finding balance and living a proactive life.

The club likes to take trips to meditate, and do yoga away from campus, as this is where a bulk of student stress originates.  This is helpful because it takes students’ minds off of all of their school work so that they can just focus on relaxing.

For our first trip as a group, we drove to Presque Isle State Park for some yoga and meditation.

The club is currently planning several special events here on campus as well as other ventures to explore different outlets for yoga.

Since the holidays are coming up, the Yoga Club will meet one evening before winter break to make eye pillows and sandbags. The gently weighted pillows help calm the mind while subtly adding weight over the eyes and completely blocking out light.

They are great tool to enhance meditation, savasana and relaxation or restorative poses. Also, they make great gifts. I would not want to miss it, so look out for any future announcements.

Furthermore, if you are interested, Solveig Santillano, B.F.A, started teaching a series of yoga classes at 9 a.m. in the DanceSpace on Nov. 12.

Mats will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own as well. She will also be teaching two more classes this semester on Saturday mornings: Nov. 19, and Dec. 10, at 9 a.m. in the DanceSpace.

The Yoga Club also holds classes throughout the week in the DanceSpace that are taught by Mercyhurst students.

These classes are free and for our enjoyment, so I encourage anyone that feels a little stressed out to come and experience the relief that I have felt through this club.