Robot Unicorn Attack proves hilarious, frustrating

Many of us have probably seen the advertisement for Adult Swim’s Robot Unicorn Attack, so I finally broke down and played the game. Robot Unicorn Attack is a game where you must guide the Robot Unicorn though treacherous terrain to get the highest score possible. Of course that’s not to mention the rainbows, jumping dolphins and the song that keeps playing over and over. In all honesty, I find it hilarious.

Robot Unicorn Attack, though full of pretty rainbows and dolphins, is actually a fairly challenging game. As the game continues, the speed of Robot Unicorn gets faster and faster while, at the same time, the terrain is getting more and more dangerous. One false step and the Robot Unicorn ends up in a fiery explosion.

Considering this is a game made by Adult Swim, it is meant to be funny. In this case, the humor is found in the fact that this game is so darn girly. A lot of folks would say that this game can’t be that girly, but in all honesty it really is.

It has rainbows, it has dolphins, it has unicorns, it has stars and it has really weird, girly music. It’s a nervous kind of funny where you can’t believe you are even playing this game. It is so stereotypically feminine that even the prettiest of pink princesses will think that it’s perhaps too girly for them.

However, what makes this game funny and challenging also breeds frustration. While the game is meant to be funny and pull the leg of the player every so often, after a while, this sort of joking and mocking gets old as you try to get a higher score. For example, the game informs you that you will fail.

Robot Unicorn Attack is a hard game to criticize. It is really meant to be a joke, and that makes it hard to say it’s a good or a bad game. Even so, it is still a game and I think it’s a good game.