SAC/MAC event speaks to student

Deanna Callerame, Contributing writer

Over the weekend I went to the Student and Multicultural Activities Councils (SAC/MAC) event, “I AM… Breaking Boundaries.”

The event began with students awkwardly huddled in groups based on graduation year lining the edges of the Great Room in the Student Union while everyone was waiting for the last few stragglers to join.

After everyone arrived, the SAC members led an activity with about three-fourths of the group (the other students were playing card games and chatting amongst themselves).

We held hands in a circle while using teamwork to move a hula hoop around the human chain. Surprisingly, the time to get around the circle was 57 seconds.

The group was still warming up to one another, but the next event allowed people to be up close and personal: the human knot.

We formed a circle, took a few steps in, and reached across to join hands with another person. It was after the first failure when we realized that two people cannot hold hands with the same person, creating a circle of three people inside of the knot. About 28 minutes later, we were able to untangle ourselves.

During the strategizing process, students were neither rude nor sassy; everyone was open to listening to different ideas that arose, and we usually gave them a try.

Even if people were not used to being touchy with strangers, the feeling of working as a team made it easy to relax and make jokes with one another.

After the knot was untied, the SAC members set up coffee, hot chocolate and pastries. The group I was with decided to play Cards Against Humanity, and the nature of that game allows people to bond very quickly.

I did not learn the names of everyone there; however, I could be myself and enjoy the company of other open-minded individuals.

After going on the famous Carpe Diem 6 (CD6) retreat through Campus Ministry last year, I was genuinely stoked for this event. When kind-hearted, sincere people gather in one place to create a true judgement-free zone, my love for humanity becomes restored.

We students can easily fall into societal norms of gossip, even if we do not intend to harm others. Once a person has been in a place with such an uplifting, tranquil aura, it is clear to see how much negativity there is in the “real” world.

If this event had lasted longer, the feeling I had when I left would have been close to the high I experienced from CD6.

The ice-breaker activities helped to lure people out of their shells and they also allowed us to think of something other than schoolwork. In my experience, food always brings people together.

The pastries were a nice touch while playing games since the human knot activity was quite strenuous on the body.  My left deltoid was a little sore the next day. If SAC/MAC hosts another event like this, then I highly recommend attending.