New Intel cyber lab stirs up mixed feelings

Lauren Rogus, Contributing writer

Announced earlier this year was the partnership between Mercyhurst and MCPc, a technology logistics company.

This new partnership came with the announcement of a

$1 million cyber security lab to be put in the lower level of the library.

While this is exciting news for the university, many students have mixed feelings about the new development.

“I am so excited for the cyber security lab. It will be an amazing opportunity for students to gain real world experience,” Allison Dalton, freshman Intelligence Studies major said.

Dalton, like many other intelligence majors, thinks the lab will be a great opportunity.

“I am really excited about the new movement of the 24-hour lounge from the library to the CAE. In general, adding a cyber lab on campus is a great addition to the campus for intelligence studies students, so I think right out of the gate adding that is a phenomenal benefit to our Intel program,” said Vincent Marrazzo, a junior triple major in Intelligence Studies, Information Technology, and contract major in Religion and Diplomacy and International Relations.

Marrazzo also said that moving the 24-hour lounge into the atrium would give students more space to do their work.

On the subject of the cyber lab, he said, “I think that it is important for the future of our majors here for students in the Ridge College to have this cyber security lab.”

He is also excited for the work opportunities that the lab presents.

“I think that working directly for a cyber company during your time as a Mercyhurst student provides invaluable experience to your education.”

However, not everyone on campus seems as happy as Dalton and Marrazzo.

“I use the 24-hour lounge as much as I can, especially during finals week and weeks when I have tests and projects due. It really helps me, because I stay up late. I work two jobs so coming to a space that’s quiet is really helpful. And to take that out would be a disservice to most of the students,” Morgan Karcher, junior Art Therapy and Psychology double major, said.

Other students are not happy about the change of scenery.

“The old lounge felt cozy and welcoming, whereas the Atrium has a colder, less comfy feel about it,” Amber Matha, senior Biochemistry major said.

It seems that Intel students are excited for the new opportunities the lab will bring, whereas other majors are not happy about the relocation of the 24-hour lounge.

While the new lab brings many amazing opportunities for Ridge College students, other students are not as thrilled with having to relocate the 24/7 lounge from the library to the atrium.