Van Gogh’s art lives on in film

Lauren Rogus, Staff writer

Most people have heard of the artist Vincent Van Gogh. He is most famous for his intense brush strokes in his painting and is remembered as the artist who cut off his ear.

What most people do not know is that a movie, called “Loving Vincent,” came out in theaters about him and how he died.

It is a unique movie as the scenes in the film are shot with an actor or actress, but then are painted over to create an effect of Van Gogh’s paintings.

The movie consists of 65,000 paintings that were painted by 100 different artists from around the globe.

The movie continues the painted look from the opening to closing credits.

I doubt people will ever again see a movie like “Loving Vincent” unless they use virtual brush strokes.

The film producers felt that is not how he painted, so to be true to Van Gogh’s style, they did the paintings by hand.

The research for “Loving Vincent” was completed in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Holland.

The museum now is showcasing this movie as an attraction in the museum.

Van Gogh’s paintings come to life as the people he painted are interviewed about his death throughout the movie.

It is fascinating to see the people he painted and how they were woven into his life.