2 cents on 10 cents

Anthony Miller, Staff writer

Recently, the price of goods at the vending machines around campus have gone up.

Some students are upset about this, and I believe those students are being ridiculous.

The truth is that I don’t understand why people would be upset over this.

Sure you pay a bit more, but it’s only 10 cents.

If your financial situation is so dire that spending 10 cents more for candy at the vending machine is going to sink you, you have bigger problems to deal with.

I imagine this can be a minor inconvenience for some, as you can’t just put in one dollar to buy most items anymore, meaning you have to physically insert 10 more cents into the vending machine.

But is that seriously something worth complaining about?

The only way I can imagine this inconveniencing someone is if they only had 10 pennies in their pocket, and the only way they could get what they wanted from the machine would be to put in the dollar and then insert each individual penny. And since the machines don’t even take pennies, this might be a problem.

But I can’t imagine this situation ever happening. Who even carries pennies nowadays?

This is the perfect example of a first-world problem.

I think it speaks volumes of just how well off many of us are that a legitimate concern for some students is that it costs 10 more cents to get candy at the vending machine.
Imagine how lucky we all are to be in a place where the most of our worries is something so trivial.