24/7 lounge now in the CAE

Marina Boyle, Staff writer

As of Monday, the lobby and atrium area of the Center for Academic Engagement (CAE) has been converted into a 24/7 study lounge for all students. A kickoff party with light refreshments took place to celebrate what the new study area will have to offer for the Mercyhurst community.

The new facility offers students a safe and warm place to study overnight after conventional study areas such as the library are closed. The prior 24/7 lounge was located in the lower level of the library, and is currently being renovated into the new Cyber Security Lab. For this reason, the atrium area of the CAE is the location for the study facility.

As the opening of a 24/7 study area was the Senior Class Gift of 2008, alumni were consulted and their efforts were acknowledged in order to maintain the basis of their idea. Several Senior Class Gifts were impacted this year by structural renovations on campus, but huge effort has gone into maintaining their original essence in the adjustments.

Lindsay Frank, director of Alumni Engagement, says that she is “glad to see that the CAE Atrium area will now be the 24/7 lounge and that all students will be welcome there at any time.”
John Patterson, director of Protective Services, has been overseeing the process of ensuring that students can safely be in that location overnight.

“The OneCard system will allow any registered Mercyhurst student to access this lounge area through the front door,” he said. “A magnetic lock will activate at 10 p.m., which can be opened only by a student card, and all upper areas of the building will be restricted to Intelligence students only.”

More cameras have also been added by Police and Safety to ensure peace of mind for everyone using the facility at night.

Many students will also be happy to know that the Café Diem is extending its hours to accommodate for late night studying. Now that the space is up and running, it is hoped that more students will begin to take advantage of it.