The United States and North Korea

Admir Barucija, Staff writer

Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump, leaders of North Korea and the United States, respectively, are setting the world on an immensely dangerous path through their utter rhetorical lack of restraint.

Due to their petty egotistical clashes, the fate of mankind may very well hang in the balance.

For years, North Korea has openly threatened the United States and other countries with a massive attack involving long-range missiles and nuclear weapons.

Thus far, North Korea’s extravagant statements have not resulted in the breakout of a colossal war, but the entire world needs to unite and be wary of North Korea’s capabilities and the whim of its unhinged leader.

North Korea has been making somewhat significant progress when it comes to its missiles, and the United States must take decisive action before North Korea can cause serious harm.

Trump has gone before the United Nations and threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea, which is a bold approach, but is simultaneously reckless and deepens the problem.

While the United States is significantly ahead of North Korea regarding capabilities (fighter planes, nuclear weapons, etc.), it is nonetheless an unwise idea to use war as the primary method to address the tensions with North Korea.

A much more prudent approach would be to conduct diplomacy with Kim Jong Un to get him to back down from his reign of terror.

The problem lies in the fact that Trump has intensified the harsh rhetoric between Washington and Pyongyang, which severely diminishes any chance of reaching a compromise and deepens the distrust between the two sides.

While direct diplomacy is not feasible with the current leadership, perhaps a third party serving as a mediator could bring the United States and North Korea to halt their long-standing hostile relations.

The United States can show North Korea that it means business by taking actions such as firing nuclear weapons, but that would mean provoking conflict with nations such as China, which also is a global power.

One false move in the tensions between the United States and North Korea could very well lead to a global nuclear war.

Perhaps it is beneficial that both sides possess nuclear weapons because they can act as a deterrent.

Nuclear weapons, ironically, are helping keep the world safe because states that possess them are fully aware that nobody truly comes out of nuclear war as a winner.

Economic sanctions have proved to be highly ineffective in forcing North Korea to back down from the course of action that it is taking.

The remainder of the world needs to collectively take a firmer stand against North Korea and the Kim Jong Un regime to contain the threat.

North Korea is becoming powerful, and doing nothing is no longer an option.

North Korea is not backing down, and the rest of the world should not, either.

North Korea is biting off much more than it can chew and it could initiate a war, which Kim Jong Un knows North Korea is unable to win. North Korea’s government is in a massive bind, which it
will be hard-pressed to get out of without taking the time to fully cooperate with other nations such as the United States.