Public Speaking Club to host 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'

Mercyhurst’s Public Speaking Club will be hosting its own version of the show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” on Thursday.

The group will hold the event in Taylor Little Theatre and students and faculty will have the opportunity to show off their improv skills. Volunteers will separate into teams and perform sketches from episodes of the popular television show. President of the Public Speaking Club, Brandon Miller, is excited for the event.

“I was trying to think of a way to incorporate public speaking and improvisation,” he says.

The Public Speaking Club is a relatively new club but Miller hopes it will become more popular in the following years.

The club itself works to help members become, oddly enough, better public speakers.

“Our meetings are focused around impromptu speaking. We give people topics, and then we give them a minute or two to talk about them,” Miller said.

But the club does more than its name implies.

“We’ve had public speakers come in to talk, and we give members the opportunity to present class presentations ahead of time for practice and suggestions,” Miller says. This is meant to provide constructive criticism and help students improve.

Miller says the event has already received interest.

“Usually, the people that I have talked to are split half and half. Some are really excited to try it and others are excited to see it,” Miller said.

The event will have teams of two to four people who will do skits from the show.

“We have about 18 skits thought up already,” Miller said.

One of these skits will have students providing voice-overs for muted videos in an attempt to create an interesting and funny scene. The skits will last a few minutes each.

The event will run from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday. If you would like to register a team or get more information, contact Brandon Miller.