End of semester slows down life

Admir Barucija, staff writer

In the beginning of the semester, there were many club events and other things to enjoy.

However, as the semester has progressed, there has been a general lack of things to do on campus.

As a commuter who wishes to be involved in as many things as possible, I have found less and less reason to drive up to campus more often than I need to over the course of the semester.

Now, I often end up going to my classes and leaving immediately afterward.

Many clubs have either stopped meeting altogether or meet very infrequently, which is likely because most people are just busier now than they were early on in the fall.

The bulk of my involvement with clubs is the many intelligence groups on campus, but I often find myself wishing that they meet much more often than they do.

There are other clubs that I have been a part of, but they seem to have stopped meeting, which frustrates me.

During the week, there are usually a few worthwhile events to go to, but there is hardly ever anything exciting to do on weekends.

I often do things on the weekends with friends off campus such as going to restaurants or the movies.

They, too, are looking for things to do on weekends, which they often have trouble finding on campus.

Occasionally, I go to a hockey game or another sports event, but other than that, there is not much else to enjoy.

Clubs are a great way to form new meaningful friendships and memories, but that is hard to do with highly limited meetings.

In addition, they can be very useful for learning new things outside of the classroom and pursuing varied interests.

They are often fun and help people relax by taking their minds temporarily off of classes, but clubs have just been meeting less and less.

Perhaps, looking for new clubs to join is an option, but it is hard to do so after they have already been meeting for a long time.

Being involved in a club from the beginning is much easier because one does not miss out on things the club has been doing and it is somewhat awkward to join a club near the end of the semester.

I am hoping that the clubs I really enjoy will become more active starting with the next semester, but I will not be on campus as often during the winter.

That will likely be the case for many other commuters as well, who are perfectly content with only going to class and doing the stuff they have to do off campus.

Clubs are a fundamental part of life on campus, but they have gradually receded as the semester has progressed.

It would be very exciting to see new clubs being formed or current ones meeting again on a much more frequent basis.

However, for certain clubs frequent sessions may not be feasible.

Without a doubt, having clubs to regularly fall back on when looking for something to do would make life on campus much livelier.