Junk email and its annoyances

Caitlyn Lear, News editor

Spam emails are the bane of most people’s existence.

They fill up our inboxes with useless and unwanted ads or viruses.

And even though most servers will have some sort of filtering for emails, so that the spam may be caught before reaching your inbox, those methods are not always successful.

I know a simple swipe or click to delete an email may not seem like much, but if you are like me, between personal, work and school-related accounts, I have eight email accounts connected to my phone.

So, say I get a spam every half an hour to each account and I do not check my emails for three hours during class.

Just in that short window, I’ve collected almost 50 useless emails, plus maybe one or two important ones.

So any time I have to check my emails I have to sort through more than enough spam.

And now, thanks to the phishing email prevention on campus, I also have to check my clutter and junk folders.

I can understand that “the prevention of spam and phishing emails is not an exact science,” as Thomas Merlino, Technical Administrator, said.

But it seems like it defeats the purpose of having the junk and clutter folders if I have to go back and check them anyway.

It would have also been nice for them to have come out warning they were adjusting settings so we could be prepared for some changes in email notifications, before they did it.

I live off campus, only about a mile away, so a five-minute drive or 20 minute walk.

On days that I have an 8 a.m. class, I get up at 6:30 a.m. so I have time to eat breakfast, sit with my cat and get to class a little early.

On Feb. 8, I am sitting in the hall outside my class waiting for my professor to walk up and unlock the door.

Soon about half the class shows up before one of us checks our junk email and finds that the professor had canceled class at 6:28 a.m.

We had all gotten up, got ready and walked or drove to class, and it was not even happening.

Of course, later that day, we get the email stating that we should periodically check our junk folders.

I honestly almost threw my phone.

I am a senior at this school, and until that day I checked my junk maybe once a semester, if that.

I was not so much annoyed at the fact that I had gotten up and moving; I get up almost that time every day anyway out of habit.

But I know some people like to sleep in, or could have used the extra few hours before their next class instead of getting up.

I was more annoyed that I left my house to sit around for almost 20 minutes to drive back home.

I would have much preferred to spend my time that morning really settling down at my desk and starting to do my homework.

I just find the whole situation absurd.

Outlook has two different junk folders, and up until this point, it has done a fairly good job at separating the mail.

This year we have had a higher number of phishing emails it seems, but other than that, seems to work fine.

Maybe if we are having so much trouble, we should just try and use a different server.

Personally, I have found Gmail to be the best at sorting emails. Not only does it have the spam folder, it also divides the inbox into primary, social and promotions.

I have a personal Gmail account that I have used for everyday things.

I like the way it sorts because, unless I want to look at the advertisements, I do not even have to open my promotions tab.

Also, all my LinkedIn notifications are sent to my social tab, so it is easy to search and filter when trying to find old emails.

Then everything else, like tax information, goes to my primary folder.

I really do appreciate what IT does to help filter the emails and keep us from getting caught in scams.

I surely know I could not figure all that out.

I just think that if we are having to check junk and clutter folders, it makes them pointless to even have.