Breaks oddly spaced for March

Elizabeth Shewan, Staff writer

It’s usually not like me to complain about getting breaks, but I can’t help but feel like our schedule for March is a little odd.

I enjoy mid-semester break as much as anyone else, and I’m certainly looking forward to it.

And I’m looking forward to Easter break as well.

But seeing as mid-semester break runs March 5-11, the first full week of March, and Easter break goes from March 29 to April 2, the last week of March, it feels a little unbalanced.

And I recognize that Mercyhurst can’t exactly rearrange the date of either Easter or mid-semester time, but with a break at either end of the month, March will seem to stop and start twice.

It would seem more logical for the two breaks to be combined into one, rather than keeping them separate but so close together.

I think it would be especially nice to have a single longer break for students like me, who are far away from home when they’re at school.

I’m from southern Maryland, and I rely on Greyhound buses to get between home and school, and it’s a whole day of travel when I do undertake it.

That’s not even to mention the expense, and I at least live in the United States, whereas for some international students, it’s an even longer and more expensive undertaking.

For me, it’s worth the time and money spent traveling to have about a week at home between semesters, but I can’t travel home for Easter.

Much as I’d like to spend Easter with my family, it would cost me a lot of money, and I’d spend just about as much time traveling as I would have at home.

If we had just one break, around the time of Easter, it would be possible for me and other students like me to go home for Easter.

But even my friends who live in and around Erie have said they would prefer to have one long break, for convenience and for the sake of not dividing the semester and the month of March more
than necessary.

When mid-semester and Easter are so close together, it might be better to combine the two breaks into one. I think this would be popular with most students.