Printing not a big problem

Paul Cohen, Contributing writer

There has been a great deal of annoyance regarding the printers, but this may not be as big an issue as people think. I, personally, have had very little trouble with them.

The most trouble that I’ve ever had has been when I try to print from a printer that only prints in black and white, when I have set it to print in color, when I need remember to set it to print in color.

I usually use the printer in the Student Union that is next to the Great Room, which prints in both color and black and white.

One time, that printer was out of order.

I did not know that I had printed in color, so I tried the printer upstairs.

That one only prints in black and white, and I had indifferently set it to print in color, so I had to set it to print in black and white and print it again.

That is the most trouble that I have had with the printers.

Other than that, I have had very little trouble. I do run out of money, but getting more printing money is not a problem, other than that it could take up time.

I do not often print in color, which I hear is a little expensive. I am indifferent, however, to the cost of color, because I do not have to do it too often.