Possible pub confuses

Jordan Pendel, Staff writer

I was sitting in class when an email popped up on my phone about opening a pub on campus.

My immediate thought was frustration because I’m graduating in May so I won’t really be able to go there, and then confusion.

I was also a little shocked that they were considering this because it seems like such a random thing to add, and I’ve never heard of a college campus having a pub in the middle of campus.

Maybe this is a normal thing and I just haven’t visited enough campuses, but I was still very confused by the email.

I can see how it would be a cool new place for students, staff and faculty to hang out, especially since there aren’t many places on campus where students can do that.

However, will the pub be for students aged 21 and older, or can underclassmen enjoy it too?

An age restriction on a place directly on campus would not be fun for those who aren’t old enough to drink alcohol.

I don’t want it to exclude anyone just because of their age.

I also think a pub open to everyone in the Erie community would be an unnecessary distraction to the students on campus.

It would also make me nervous if there were adults who end up drinking too much while on a college campus.

We have a beautiful campus, and I love that outside people go for runs or take their dogs on walks here, but why a pub?

I guess I just have many questions that may not be able to be answered soon since it is still up in the air about opening a pub.

Will the whole bottom floor of the Student Union be the pub? Will The Laker be moving to Ryan Hall or will it turn into the pub?

Will day drinking become a problem on campus?

Pubs typically serve meals besides just alcohol, so it makes sense for the pub to be open during lunchtime.

I don’t want people drinking excessively during the day and inhibiting them from being attentive in class.

College campuses should be safe environments, and I don’t want anyone causing harm to themselves or others.

I was thinking about how maybe the pub is supposed to make up for the fact that students have to live on campus now.

But what about the Cornerstone?

Would the pub on campus take away from its business?

Wednesdays are specifically for Mercyhurst students. We support a local business that is a short five-minute walk away.

Is a pub in the middle of our small campus really necessary if we have one just down the street?

Do we have enough parking to support all the people who will go to the pub, or will we have to find room for a new lot?

It seems that we barely have enough room now for people on campus so another parking lot would probably be needed.

Maybe a pub on campus for the Mercyhurst community to share would be a cool thing, but I just don’t think one is necessary.