Freshmen lose to professors


Lauren Abbott

Students faced off against professors Benjamin Scharff, Ph.D., of the History department, LisaMarie Malischke, Ph.D., of the Anthropology/ Archaeology department, and Victoria Rickard, Ph.D., of the Political Science department to see who is smarter. The professors won.

Rebecca Dunphy, Staff writer

On April 9, students tested their knowledge against Mercyhurst professors to answer the question “Are You Smarter Than a Professor?”

The annual trivia night put on by the Honors Council featured a “Jeopardy” game with a diverse set of questions — Mercyhurst Trivia, Sports, Pop Culture, Slogans, History, Science, Literature, and Wild Card.

Teams were comprised of four students — both honors and non-honors — who answered questions against a panel of professors.

This year’s professors were Benjamin Scharff, Ph.D., from the History department, LisaMarie Malischke, Ph.D., from the Anthropology/Archaeology department, and Victoria Rickard, Ph.D., from the Political Science department.

After five teams of students competed, a group of freshmen with the highest points qualified to move onto the final round.

Mackenzie Ryan, Carolyn Lloyd, Meg Lynn and Emily Morabetto demonstrated their immense trivia knowledge throughout the game, but unfortunately lost to the team of professors in the final round.

The final question came from the Wild Card category — chosen by the audience — and asked competitors to name the location of the Kellogg Brand headquarters: Battle Creek, Michigan.

With this question, the professors once again won the competition, with Malischke coming in first place in the group.

Both the students and professors walked away with prizes at the end of the night, and lots of fun was had by all.

“It was super entertaining,” said Honors Council member Casey Dillon.

Fellow Council member Ethan Wagner shared similar sentiments.

“It was fun to watch our professors duke it out with our peers in some friendly competition,” he said.