Student's college review pays off

In today’s world, the cost of college tuition increases every year, while the economy remains in a slump. For college students, financial pressure is a burden. One Mercyhurst student, however, found a way to lessen the pressure of heavy tuition fees.

Tyler Stauffer photo:: Sophomore Adam Ferrari won a $1,000 scholarship from Stauffer photo:: Sophomore Adam Ferrari won a $1,000 scholarship from

Sophomore Adam Ferrari participated in the scholarship contest and won a $1,000 award. The contest, which was held from April 1-26, chose 24 students to win scholarships based on their review of their college or university.

According to Ferrari, finding out about the contest was a random chance.

“I was on Facebook and it came up in my news feed,” said Ferrari. “A couple of my friends from other schools had completed it, and I thought it looked interesting, so I clicked it.” is a website that allows prospective students to get information about colleges from students who attend them. According to the website, the scholarship opportunity benefits both prospective students and current students who participated in the contest.

The website states, “Our goal was to help college students and alumni pay for their education. We also wanted to help college-bound students decide where to go with school reviews from real students.”

To enter the scholarship contest, the participants had to write a review of the college or university they attend, including pros and cons about the campus, the class sizes, the weather or anything else prospective students might want to know.

As an Ambassador, Ferrari is especially well informed about Mercyhurst’s pros and cons, as well as its history.

“Basically what I had to do was fill out and write a college review on my school. I figured, hey, if anyone can talk up Mercyhurst and rant about it for a little bit, it’s me,” he said.

Like, a majority of other students, Ferrari is thrilled to receive a little extra help with college costs. “My summer job of working at an arts center is now a no-go thanks to unfortunate budget cuts in arts funding. This extra money will help take the place of that,” Ferrari said.

Ferrari is excited about more than just the scholarship he will receive, but also the great publicity Mercyhurst has received from the contest.

“It really is great getting the scholarship, but what is even cooler is the fact that tens of thousands of people have now been exposed to Mercyhurst,” said Ferrari. “On the StudentAdvisor site, it has all the winners listed as well as their schools. So now Mercyhurst is on the list among some major schools across the entire country.”

To see Adam’s review of Mercyhurst, as well as the other 23 winners, go to and click on “Meet the Winners of the $24,000 Scholarship Giveaway.”