What’s good about Hammermill Library

Sarah Klein, Contributing Writer

The Hammermill Library is a great resource.

Personally, I utilize the library frequently for homework because it is a space where I can focus and get a lot of work done.

I like how there is a variety of spaces in the library for different needs, whether I am working alone or with a group.

There are many different places within the library you can go to complete whatever work you have.

I have always liked the Great Room where you can either go by yourself or with a group of friends to study.

There is a variety of tables, couches and even computers there for students to use.

The first floor of the library is perfect for meeting with a group for a class project, since that level has lots of tables and does not have to be very quiet.

The second floor of the library is also great for group projects, as there are the collaboration rooms.

There are also little nooks you can find on that level if you need to focus, away from other people.

The Reading Room is ideal for studying before finals or other big tests. It is the quietest space in the library, and you can choose from tables and couches for areas to work.

One of my favorite spots in the library is the fourth floor area right before the skybridge, as there are comfortable chairs with attached desks and it is rarely crowded in the late evening.

Despite what I really enjoy about the library, I wish there was a wider selection of books.

Most books in the Hammermill Library are either purely nonfiction or very outdated.

For me, someone who likes to read fiction novels when I have the time, my options are extremely limited.

In addition, it can be very difficult to locate specific books within the library.

Also, the Language Lab is in an obscure corner of the second floor, and I believe that that space would be best utilized as a study lounge for students.

I also feel as though not many people know that the lab is located there, and it would benefit the center to be moved to a more prominent spot on campus.

I also wish that the library was open later.

On weekdays it closes by midnight, although many students are still working on homework past that time.

By closing at midnight, it disrupts many students’ studying.

I know the 24/7 Lounge in the Center for Academic Engagement is available for students to use 24 hours a day.

However, it is not as comfortable and, personally, it is very difficult for me to work in that space, especially when I need to focus.