Why Halloween is the best holiday

Sam Peterson, Staff writer

Halloween is an incredibly magical time of the year for both myself and others.

Factually, I know that it is absolutely difficult to prove that something like a holiday is “magical,” but I think Halloween qualifies. There are endless claims that I can make to prove its magic.

First off, Halloween is a stepping stone to some major holidays that provide even more cheer.

Halloween season starts right as October begins for much of the population. For many people, October is not just the month in which Halloween occurs; the month itself is a celebration building up to Halloween. During this time, the amount of holiday spirit possessed is incredible.

There are Halloween parties, dress-up days at work, spooky decorations, contests, dances, scary movies and comfortable sweaters!

Beyond all of that, who could ever forget all the free candy every which way you can possibly turn your head? On every counter corner, every tabletop, every bedside table, one can find free candy. Even if you are currently dieting, the allure of something sweet is always needed to fix a rough day.

Then, directly after Halloween night gets done wrapping up, there is Thanksgiving, which is another personal favorite holiday of mine.

But the holiday joy doesn’t even stop there!

While I’m passing out on the couch after gorging myself with Thanksgiving dinner, I’ll close my eyes. And in a cold sweat, I will seemingly wake up with a Santa hat on at my families Christmas party. After singing the many Christmas carols, I will take a deep breath.

Then, before I seemingly even know anything is happening, I will be blowing into a bright party horn while celebrating the new year.

Halloween ends a long holiday dry spell, which unfortunately we have to return to after New Year’s Eve.

But, for me, it represents the beginning of that magical time of the year where a wonderful holiday is around every single corner. The next holiday is not until all the way in February with Valentine’s Day, which is very hit or miss for some.

Beyond that, I love the weather and general atmosphere of the Halloween season. I can smell the crisp, refreshing fall air. It is, after so very long, crisp air that actually doesn’t burn my face. Nor does it cause me to choke on downright suffocating humidity. I do not have to dress heavy, as my fairly light jacket keeps me plenty warm in the light breeze.

I can stay both indoors and outdoors without ever having the overwhelming feeling to run directly towards the nearest air conditioning unit. Additionally, the leaves offer a satisfying crunch on the ground, and the color they provide to every inch of every tree is unmatched.

Keep them in your heart as you trudge through the countless massive mounds of Erie’s endless snowfall.

The candle in the pumpkin is that Halloween night falls right before my birthday next month. That is something which only adds much more to the holiday being a gateway to more festivities. I can say with absolute confidence that Halloween truly is my favorite time of the whole year.

That is not because I don’t enjoy other holidays, but because during Halloween the events I can look forward seem almost endless.

I can anticipate the memories that will last – memories of spending some much-needed time with my friends, parties, laughter, good food, a new year and general good times. And the lasting of those memories can be factually proven.