Pats win once again at Super Bowl LIII

Ruairidh Fraser, Contributing Writer

Well, the Patriots won once again.

In what turned out to be a rather dull affair in what was promised to be a battle between the new and old, Tom Brady and company successfully won another Super Bowl.

The game never really got going, in large part because both teams’ defenses were on top throughout the game.

The difference in the end was one brilliant pass made by Brady to the ever reliable Rob Gronkowski.

This is compared with one massively under-thrown ball from Jared Goff competing in his very first Super bowl that was picked off.

This was just my second Super Bowl experience, having only recently moved to America for college.

It was, needless to say, a strange day.

Normally, fans of sports teams not competing in the final of a competition wouldn’t watch their rivals, let alone actively root for one of them.

And the game was in sharp contrast to the matchup last year, in which the Eagles came out on top of an incredibly high scoring game.

One thing that I really liked about the game this year was the way the teams matched up between the old experience of Bill Belichick and his trusted methods against the youth of Sean McVay and his third-year quarterback Goff.

This made it a fascinating game between two totally different teams.

The Rams have been one of my favorite teams to watch this year because of the offense that they run and the way that they are able to call so many plays at the line.

However, what the Rams lacked was that bit of knowledge of how to deal with the pressure of competing in the championship game.

While Brady seemed unfazed by his stray passes, it seemed that Goff was rushing more and more as the game went on, trying to unlock the Pats’ defense.

This was a shame to see because the Rams have been scoring for fun this season, and a high-scoring game is always more entertaining.

As frustrating as it is to say, credit has to be given to the Patriots who have been able to defy the odds this year and the doubts that have surrounded their older generation this year to have come out on top just as it seemed like the older generation were falling away.

Other quarterbacks of the Brady era struggled this year, like Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger, but Brady has so much protection that he was able to continue to make the right plays.
The last thing to talk about in this year’s Super Bowl is the halftime show.

This year, I felt that the show was a little bit confusing and strange.

Apart from the lanterns and the “ONE LOVE” message, it really didn’t impress me a whole lot.

Maroon 5 are really good performers usually, so it was a little disappointing that they tried to fit so much into the short amount of time.

Here is hoping that 2019 is the year of Josh Allen and the Bills!