Springfest artist a dream come true

Katy Vaccariello, Staff Writer

The announcement has been made, and I couldn’t be more excited.

This year’s Springfest artist is the ultimate throwback to my childhood.

The throwback artist is Jesse McCartney.

I can remember the moments of my childhood where I was dancing around the house or singing loudly in the car whenever Jesse McCartney was blasting on the radio.

It brought my brothers and I together, which didn’t happen often since I am the only girl.

Despite the fun memories, they are not the only reason Springfest will be fun.

Jesse McCartney stole the heart of young girls all over the country.

His fun, light-hearted music moves people to their feet.

The beat keeps you dancing, and the words are far too catchy not to sing along.

When it comes to songs, there’s one in particular that everyone knows words to.

That song happens to be “Beautiful Soul.”

To be considered a true Jesse McCartney fan, which I like to consider I am, you know at least four or five songs.

The second I heard Jesse McCartney was preforming I started refreshing my mind on all the classic songs I used to sing along with.

One aspect that keeps me drawn into the Springfest performance is to hear the new songs he’s constructed.

Sadly, I’ve fallen out of touch with his music.

Getting the chance to hear the classics as well as the new creations is like an old dream come true.

I used to beg my mother, day after day, to take me to a Jesse McCartney concert.

Her excuse always involved my age.

She thought a 10-year-old was far too young to be going to concerts.

Too many “bad things” took place at concerts that I couldn’t be exposed to.

Finally, after so many years, my opportunity to attend a Jesse concert has arrived.

It will be a night that takes me back in time.

I’ll be a kid once more, which is sometimes the wish in everyone’s heart when the college life becomes too much.

I’m ready to let go of the stress of school, specifically the upcoming finals week, and dance the night away with some of my closest friends.

It’s hard to say if the evening will be as exciting or memorable for everyone.

Jesse McCartney is a man that draws the hearts of many girls, but it may not be the same for the men on campus.

Men tend to enjoy a genre of music far from what Jesse creates.

All I can say is, let’s all embrace the chance for a little time travel back to a time when college stress was far in the future.

I can’t wait to enjoy the night and I hope it’s the same for everyone else.