Why I like The Roost

Nick Mathur, Staff writer

Mercyhurst University’s new on-campus pub, named The Roost, recently opened on March 15.

While some students were let down by it, I was far from disappointed.

Because construction of The Roost only began a few months ago, I honestly didn’t have high expectations, but the end result exceeded all of those expectations.

First of all, I didn’t realize that in addition to the opening of The Roost, the Laker was also reopening.

I thought the entire Student Union basement, the site of the Laker before the construction of the pub, was going to be The Roost.

For this reason, I was quite surprised when I looked into the window on the night The Roost opened and only saw one single person.

However, I didn’t realize at the time that I was actually looking at the Laker, not The Roost.

My friend and I decided to check out The Roost later that night.

We realized at that time that The Roost only occupied a small corner of the room.

When I finally walked into The Roost, what I saw truly blew me away.

The décor is very rustic and old-fashioned.

I’ve been to Ireland before, and The Roost’s décor made me feel like I was back there.

The Roost has a very intimate and relaxed atmosphere on the whole.

Unlike the Cornerstone, there’s absolutely no loud pop music blaring in the background at all times.

Instead, there’s traditional Irish folk songs playing through the speakers at just the perfect volume.

The bar and tables occupy most of the space, making it difficult to walk around or even dance.

I like this because it allows people to simply sit down to a drink or meal and relax with friends.

There’s also a room with some couches, bookshelves and a fireplace.

I really liked this room because it made me feel like I was relaxing at home rather than out and about.

I noticed that the majority of the people there that were drinking alcohol were drinking Guinness.

This was the very moment I knew I wasn’t the only one who was feeling The Roost’s Irish vibe.

Since The Roost is a pub, I believe that its main demographic on campus will be upperclassmen.

But I am hoping it will also become a gathering spot for faculty, staff, alumni and even Erie residents outside the Mercyhurst University community.

I feel like that small, previously abandoned corner of the Laker finally has purpose, and what a great purpose it is.

I highly recommend The Roost for absolutely anybody who hasn’t checked it out yet for whatever reason.