Walker leads in plastic bag collection

Kristian Biega, News Editor

Mercyhurst’s Sustainability Office, MSG and the Sustainability Club have partnered with Trex, an eco-friendly deck supplies company in hopes of collecting enough grocery bags to receive a new bench.

If Mercyhurst students, faculty, staff and community members can collect the intended goal of 500 pounds of plastic bags, the university will be given one of Trex’s eco-friendly benches for free.

Trex is one of the largest plastic film recyclers in the United States, using their mission to prevent over 400 million pounds of plastic film and wood from entering landfills each year. Not only does the company promote recycling with their products, but also in their processes. They have become one of the most eco-friendly manufacturing companies in the U.S, nearly eliminating their use of harmful chemicals and factory waste.

Sarah Bennett, Ph.D., Biology department chair, initiated the project as another aspect of maintaining Mercyhurst’s sustainability efforts. She hopes that projects such as this will not be isolated, but a way for the school to continue practicing positive environmental concerns.

Not only is the school competing for the bench, but the Sustainability Office has posed a competition among the four academic colleges. The winning college will receive an engraved plaque denoting their recycling successes.

The Hafenmaier College bin is located on the Hirt main floor by the green recycling bins. The Ridge College bin is located in the CAE first floor hallway by the printer. The bin for Zurn College is located in the Zurn lobby and Walker College’s is located in Old Main on the second floor by Room 213.

Mercyhurst is currently less than halfway to the 500-poud goal, but the competition between the colleges is still fierce.

The Walker College currently leads with Hafenmaier, Zurn and Ridge following close behind.

All bags to be recycled should be dry and free of dirt, food and other debris. If you have a large number of bags that can’t fit in the designated box, contact Bennett for special pickup.