Library makeover receives praise

Nick Mathur, Staff Writer

Over the summer, Mercyhurst University gave the Hammermill Library a makeover.

When I first entered the newly renovated Hammermill Library lobby, it felt like I was stepping into a completely different lobby from the old one.

The new wood, carpeting and lighting made me feel like I was in a hotel lobby rather than a library lobby.

I believe students and faculty will find the library’s new setup not only aesthetically pleasing but also beneficial.

As for studying in the library, they now have new options that were not avaliable before.

The biggest concern I’ve always had about studying in the library lobby is that there just were not enough places to study.

Because of this, I’ve most always done my studying elsewhere.

However, the renovations have changed that.

I feel like I can comfortably study in the lobby now.

The Circulation Desk was previously on the lobby’s right side, right by the entrance.

If you were ever in the old lobby, it was the first thing you saw when you came in.

Because of this, only library staff could access the area behind the desk, which took up a large chunk of the room.
But now, the circulation desk has moved, so the large area behind its previous location is now accessible to students.

This has opened up a lot of much-needed room inside the lobby.

This area now contains many more tables to study at, as well as a TV.

The left side of the lobby has also changed drastically.

Many of the bookshelves and computer desks that were previously there have been removed.

Because there’s now more room on that side of the lobby, more tables to study at have been added.

Furthermore, the computers have been moved against the wall, and more of them have been added.

But the change to the lobby I’m most excited about is the addition of four new collaboration spaces.

Collaboration spaces are large rooms that you can schedule to be occupied by your group at a specific time.

If you’ve ever been in the CAE, you’ve seen them around.

I’m sure there are other students who share my excitement about this.

I’ve always found that the best place to work on group projects was the collaboration space on the library’s third floor.

However, this room is almost always occupied.

It’s always been a popular place to study among the Mercyhurst student body.

This is why the four additional collaboration spaces in the lobby is such a great addition.

Now groups have multiple spaces to work on their projects simultaneously.

Groups of students won’t be fighting over who gets to use them anymore.

Even though it’s only the lobby that’s been renovated, I think its new design will provide newcomers a great first impression.

It’s comfortable, cozy atmosphere and abundant resources for studying will have first-timers coming back.

The library has always been a great place to study, but I think the renovations to the lobby have made it even better.