Getting hyped for football season

William Zytnick, Staff Writer

Finally, after dealing with another Super Bowl championship won by The New England Patriots, who at this point have earned the nickname the “Evil Empire,” the 20192020 NFL Season is officially underway.

In it, dozens of teams are chasing that ultimate dream of beating the competition and securing a Super Bowl win.

It’s a season that many sports fans, including myself, will be watching closely. The NFC is going to be extremely interesting this year.

Last year the Rams ended up winning the NFC Championship game against the Saints in a tightly won, yet controversial game.

They then advanced to last year’s Super Bowl against the Patriots.

In my eyes, the teams that should make the playoffs this year in the NFC are as follows: The Saints, Rams, Cowboys, Bears, Eagles and Falcons.

The sleeper teams that could sneak into the postseason are: The 49ers, Packers, Vikings and possibly the Seahawks. The teams that are on the outside looking in are the Panthers, Buccaneers, Lions, Redskins and Giants.

In free agency this year the biggest loser of all the teams in the NFC was the New York Giants.

They had a horrendous offseason by trading away franchise wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr, despite the huge extension they had granted him in 2018.

He was traded in exchange for Jabrill Peppers. Finally, the Giants received the 17th selection in the NFL draft.

The big winner in the NFC for the offseason would go to the San Fransisco 49ers. The 49ers are quietly building a solid team.

They landed with the second overall pick in the draft Nick Bosa (younger brother of Joey Bosa), who was the best defensive player in this year’s draft class.

They signed a good running back in Tevin Coleman, and added more secondary help in Jason Verrett.

Though, if this team gets into the playoffs, it would be solely on the health and production of their quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

He is truly the X-Factor for the 49ers if they have any chance at sniffing the postseason.

And now the AFC is still obviously dominated by New England, who beat out the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC title game last year.

However, others in this conference believe they can and will try to do their best to topple Tom Brady.

Their biggest rival is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Steelers ended up beating the Patriots last year in a dramatic finish, and this year they have decided to change the script by letting two of their key players walk for the betterment of the team.

Those players were Lev’eon Bell & Antonio Brown.

From my perspective, this needed to be done for the hope of bringing title number 7 to Pittsburgh.

However, closer to Pittsburgh, the Browns have decided to become bold and extremely aggressive.

After years of being written off, the Browns have had something of a rise in recent times.

This offseason, the Browns got Odell Beckham Jr in a blockbuster trade with the New York Giants.

They also got Olivier Vernon, who is an excellent pass rusher.

They added even more fuel to the fire by bringing in Sheldon Richardson.

The Browns were the champions of the entire offseason.

Now, they must translate this new culture to winning games and proving us all wrong.

On the whole, I expect the the Patriots, Chiefs, LA Chargers and Steelers to make the playoffs.

Sleeper teams would include the Titans, Texans and Ravens.

This will hopefully be a great season, featuring less controversy with the officials. Good luck to all fanbases.