This show is gonna kill


Victoria Mcginty, Staff writer

This October, the Mercyhurst Theatre Program is hosting a production of Qui Nguyen’s “She Kills Monsters,” a beautiful synthesis of comedy and fantasy. It was first performed off-broadway at The Flea Theater in 2011.

This is the 25th production by Brett Johnson, Ph.D., Theatre Program director, at Mercyhurst.

This play tells the tale of Agnes Evans and her life after the tragic demise of her family in a fatal car accident.

While preparing to leave her Ohio childhood home, Agnes mourns her deceased sister, Tilly, and finds her Dungeons and Dragons game.

Agnes learns to play the game to keep the memory of Tilly alive.

This comedic and melodramatic play features a variety of homicidal fairies, horrid ogres and a nostalgic glow of 1990s pop culture.

These perfectly mingle with the theme of appreciation for family and loved ones.

Audiences should expect a topsy-turvy journey of an action-packed play that unites us all with our inner warriors and geeks.

“She Kills Monsters” is choreographed by guest Randy Kovitz. Kovitz has staged various fight scenes over the years both on and off-broadway and for film and television.

Kovitz is assisted by Michael Petyak, who is a fight choreographer and stage movement director at the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center in Midland, Pennsylvania.

“She Kills Monsters” showcases a talented cast made up of 19 Mercyhurst students, Elizabeth Shewan (Narrator), Ella Santillano (Tilly), Jenna Rosciszewski (Agnes), Jon Reddinger (Chuck), Nick Woll (Miles), Abby Whitman (Vera), Rosie Pregler (Lilith/Lilly), Allison Christopher (Kaliope/Kelly), Gianluca Ianiro (Orcus/Ronnie), Colin Domowicz (Steve), Tessa Sayre (Farrah the Faerie), Tori Altsman (Evil Gabbi), Monica Tinsley (Evil Tina) and Genevieve Burgess, Olivia Gaffron, Natalie Gottfried, Rachele Heasley, Amelia Miguez and Janeida Turbi in the ensemble.

“She Kills Monsters” is supported by a dedicated production crew, which includes Tucker Topel (scenic designer), Madeleine Steineck (lighting designer), Aaron White (puppet designer), Jennie Cross (choreographer), Andrew Ferguson (technical director), John Prior (assistant technical director), Ben Frieson (sound engineer), Bethany Sulecki (stage manager) and assistant stage managers Skyela Burgess, Darby Shafron and Elizabeth Shewan.

Performances of “She Kills Monsters” are held Oct 3 through 6, with a discounted midnight performance on October 4.

The production is held in the Taylor Little Theatre.

Tickets are $16 for adults, $11 for seniors and $6 for MU students with I.D.