Take up an internship

Nick Mathur, Staff Writer

Doing an internship is probably the best way to guarantee yourself a job in your field of study after you graduate.

As someone who has done two internships, I can tell you that there are many benefits to interning now, while you’re in college.

When applying for a job in your field of study, you’ll find that a certain amount of experience and skills may be required.

If you’ve completed one or more internships related to your future career, you likely have the experience the job requires.

Unlike a regular job, you will not necessarily need much experience to be considered for an internship.

As long as you express an interest in the field related to the internship you’re applying to, you should be fine.

Your supervisors and coworkers are there to teach you the basics and guide you whenever you may need help.

If you plan to enter a field related to art or communication, internships in these fields may also provide you with work samples.

I was an intern at a radio station, where I had the opportunity to record a few promos and podcasts.

I was also an intern at a magazine, where I had the opportunity to write and publish an article.

Your internship co-workers and supervisors will be great references for you to utilize.

They will be great people for your future employers to contact, or for you to receive recommendation letters from.

To give yourself options, applying for as many internships as possible is always a good idea.

However, when choosing an internship, it is also important to consider the pros and cons.

One thing to consider is whether the internship offers pay, college credit or simply practical experience.

With that being said, no matter how many internships you complete, I would recommend at least one of them being for college credit.

Something else to consider is when the internship is going to take place.

Some people complete their internships during the school year, while some complete them during the summer.

If you’re looking to gain at least six months of experience in your field, I would recommend interning during the school year.

However, if you’re concerned about an internship interfering with classes, homework, sports or clubs, I would recommend interning during the summer.

The last thing to consider is where the internship is going to take place.

If you want to guarantee yourself a place to stay during your internship, it would probably be best to apply near your hometown.

However, if your internship is during the school year, it would probably be best to apply around Erie.

There are many reasons why doing an internship is a beneficial, almost crucial, step to landing that perfect job after graduation.