To the coming decade

Victoria Mcginty, Staff Writer

It seems as if our lives are flashing right before our eyes.

It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago, we were all simple children.

Back then, we were all obsessed with our Nintendo games and spending all of our free time being enamored by Disney Channel movies and who was getting slimed at the Kid’s Choice Awards.

But as the years went on, we grew.

We went through our awkward and emo phases and then, out of total and complete nowhere, we were in college.

While the last decade was dedicated to growing up, the years that lay ahead of us are dedicated to us being grown.

Today, we are on the middle ground, with our childhood just in our rearview mirror and our future being laid out on the road before us.

Before we know it, we will be facing the 2030s.

We will be graduating, possibly thriving in our careers, and maybe even settled down and married.

As one of those on the middle ground, my 20s are just ahead of me and I know what I want the unknown to be.

I plan to graduate by Spring 2023 when I will have received a B.A. in History.

I hopefully will have gone through my final year of education to receive my master’s degree.

Then, after that, I hope that I’ll be getting my first job as a teacher.

From there, I really want to open my very own photography business.

At the same time, I want to marry my high school sweetheart, who later turned into my college sweetheart.

And by the end of the decade, I will be looking back smiling because I was struggling with something as “simple” as Photoshop.

This past decade alone has taught me an incredible amount of things.

I fell in love, drove a car and by the end of it, I was amid my first year of college and my bad days were behind me and back in Cleveland.

This last year alone has been nothing but a roller coaster of accomplishments, disappointments and huge changes.

It’s almost hard to believe all that has happened in just ten 10 short years.

I know that life happens, and I know I will learn a lot of things about life that I do not know now as we progress through this decade.

I know I’ll be looking back 10 years from now.

Maybe I will even remember this column — the one I am currently writing, and that you are currently reading.

Hopefully, 29-year-old me will remember all that Mercyhurst has done from there, and she will be forever grateful for it.