Trustee Social a success


Lauren Abbott, Editor in Chief

On Feb. 15, students had the unique opportunity to sit down with members of the Board of Trustees for a Student Trustee social. The social was held over lunch in the Center for Academic Engagement.

Abby Staub, Mercyhurst Student Government President, highlighted the importance of such an event.

“The social is an opportunity for students to speak directly with committed Lakers, Mercyhurst’s Board of Trustees, and provide the current student perspective at the University. From my short time serving on the Board of Trustees this year, I can honestly say that the trustees truly value student input and have a strong desire to make Hurst home for everyone,” Staub said.

Interested students were able to RSVP for the event and all classes and a variety of majors were represented at the event. During the event, students had the chance to talk directly to administration and Trustee members about their Mercyhurst experience.

“I feel that it is important for the students to have the opportunity to meet and interact with the board because of how students can share the positives of the campus, as well as how the campus could be improved,” senior Graphic Design major Evan Hartono said.

“I loved the fact that the people who make a difference at this school are so willing to sit down and get student input on the things we love and think need improvement at Mercyhurst,” said sophomore Integrated Media and Strategic Communication major Kali Beutler.

Over lunch students had the opportunity to express their opinions and ideas on ways to improve campus life.

“By interacting directly with each other, the student body and the Board are able to grasp a better understanding of each other,” senior Intelligence Studies major Noah Piersante said.

The lunch was not only a discussion, but the conversations had at the social can also lead to actionable change for the campus.

“Lunch provides a comfortable setting for students and trustees to exchange stories and connect with one another, while learning about the current Mercyhurst experience. A recent change, started at the social, was the renegotiation of the dining services to be more accommodating to students changing needs,” Staub said.

This is the fifth year that a Student Trustee Social has been held and some returning students were excited to reconnect with Trustees they met in previous years.

“I recognized and have previously met some of the Board and it was great to reconnect with them and to introduce myself to the members that I have not yet met,” said junior Biology and Public Health major Hannah Buncher.

The social serves as an direct line of communication between Mercyhurst students and the Board.

“The trustees greatly appreciate this opportunity. It is our greatest opportunity to hear directly from students all year,” said Joe NeCastro, chair of the Board of Trustees.

This unique opportunity highlights the importance of student feedback and perspective.

“Attending the Board of Trustees social event was truly one of the most exciting events I have ever attended during my time at Mercyhurst,” Hartono said.