Recognizing Senior Athletes: Women’s Water Polo and Men’s Tennis

Recognizing Senior Athletes: Women’s Water Polo and Men’s Tennis

Laren Reesman, Staff writer

In our last installment recognizing senior athletes for their contributions over the years, we take a look at Women’s water polo and Men’s tennis. Although these seniors did not get to play their final matches due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are proud of every sporting achievement during their time as a Laker!


Rachel Byrnes #8 

Coming from Jenison, Michigan, she led a very successful start to the senior season, playing in 17 games with 8 goals, and leading the team with 14 steals. In her junior season Byrnes played in 26 games, scoring 22 goals and again led the team with 20 steals. Career wise, she scored a total of 38 goals. Byrnes will graduate with a Public Health degree. 

Jennifer Moshinsky #10 

Originally from Beaverton, OregonMoshinsky played in 17 games with 3 goals and 13 assists to start her senior season. Moshinsky’s junior season comprised of 26 games, with 10 goals with 6 assists. She scored 35 goals overall during her career. 

Mason Feldstein #12 

This senior from Sylvania, Ohio began her senior season playing in 17 games with 13 goals and 14 assists. Feldstein played in 26 games her junior season with 12 goals and 4 assists. During her career, she scored a total of 34 points for the team. Feldstein graduates with a Marketing degree in May. 

Her favorite memory of water polo is pregame dance parties. The team would blast tunes that got them all on their feet, pumping them up before games. Feldstein will pursue a career in medical device sales. She wishes her parents, Renee and Mark Feldstein could have walked with her on Senior night. Feldstein wanted to share her accomplishments with her parents who sacrificed so much for her over the years. 

Lindsey Mizrahi #17 

Hailing from Cyprus, California, Mizrahi played in 17 games to start her senior seasonwith 17 goals and 6 assists. Mizrahi played in 26 games her junior season totaling 16 goals and 12 assists. She also received accolades throughout her career including All-Conference First Team and All-American when she attended Long Beach City College. She will graduate majoring in Interior Design. 

Mizrahi will always remember that first spontaneous dance party breaking out in the locker room, jamming to “We Came to Party. After graduation, she will go on to work for an interior architecture firm which specializes in hotel design. Mizrahi would have asked her father to escort her on Senior night. 


Cormac McCooey 

From Dublin, Ireland, McCooey’s tennis career has been strong at Mercyhurst, with an All-Conference First Team accolade for singles and doubles during his junior season as well as both prior seasons. McCooey finished 3-0 in conference with a 20-5 record overall his junior season, number one in both singles and doubles. He will graduate with a Business degree.  

McCooey had two special memories while playing for Mercyhurst: when he won regionals and went to nationals in Arizona, and when he won the PSAC singles tournament with his mom and sister watching. When McCooey graduates, he will coach Tennis until he finds the best career path to take. McCooey would want his entire family, including two dogsto walk with him on Senior night. He would like to think that his sister Orla, watching from heaven, would have been very proud of him.  

Sebastian Pardo 

Originally from Whitby, Ontario, Pardo is finishing 15-9 overall and 3-2 in conference his junior season. Pardo earned a First Team All-Conference title during his Mercyhurst career.  

He will forever remember winning the PSAC championship in 2017 and the spring break he spent with the team this year. Pardo plans to find a solid job that meets his expertise and interests after graduation. He wishes his parents could have escorted him on Senior day. 

Arseniy Skylarov 

This Senior from Toronto, Ontario finished his junior season with a PSAC All-Conference Second Team title, with a 5-0 in conference singles record and 4-1 record in conference doubles. Skylarov graduates with a double major in Business & Competitive Intelligence and Finance in May. 

He will always have fond memories of the team’s spring break this year, especially the beach volleyball. Skylarov will try to find a stable job in this unstable market or work toward an MBA and CFA license to better pad his resume. He would have asked his best friend Martin Zelikovsky to walk with him on Senior day.