Grief of missing Hurst Day this year

Patrick Corso, Staff writer

Ever since I first arrived on campus back in August, I doubted Mercyhurst would be having Hurst Day due to the pandemic.

Turns out my expectation was true. Mercyhurst sadly will not be hosting Hurst Day for the 2020-21 school year. Even with the newly approved medications, we are a ways away from defeating the pandemic, as doctors across the country need to work out all of the side effects through trial and error.

Hurst Day is, by definition, is a surprise day usually in late September or early October where classes are canceled, and students can participate in contests, games, music, food and community spirit.

When Hurst Day arrives, students are greeted with an email in their inboxes followed by bagpipers playing “Scotland the Brave” and walking through the residence halls waking up students to remind them that their lucky day has arrived.

The most important part of Hurst Day is the Scavenger Hunt, where students dress up in costumes and search for clues. If they win, prizes they can receive include iPads, AirPods or even Amazon Echo Dots.

The true winners earn themselves the Rule of the Roost with their names being engraved on a special trophy and put on permanent display.

The world had been thrown into crisis since the beginning of 2020, and the coronavirus pandemic has locked most everyone in quarantine to slow the spread of the virus. Many feared the world would end like on Judgement Day, even though the Y2K bug and Dec. 21, 2012 were both hoaxes.

At times during an outbreak of an infectious disease, it may be easy to wonder why Mercyhurst cannot do Hurst Day virtually. Somebody would have to create a video game for them to do that!

Just like many events that were impacted by the coronavirus, many people have expressed grief to those who were looking forward to them. When events like anime and game conventions are held, they are designed to give people smiles and happiness.

But when the sky darkens and begins to rain, we need something to save someone’s day. When times get tough, we just need to reserve a day to smile and make a difference.But what is so special about Hurst Day?

When students participate in the Scavenger Hunt and games, they put their hearts and commitment into finding all the clues and hoping for victory. It will be a memory they will not forget, long after graduation.

Since the Scavenger Hunt teams are comprised of only four members, they feel the power of their teammates aiding them.

They also have a large amount of hope for victory and the prize they are looking forward to.

I have tried and failed miserably at attempting to win an iPad at my high school’s open house sessions during my junior high years.

I have spoken to you from experience, and Hurst Day has set my heart ashine more than ever before.