Sisters of Mercy release election prayer intentions

Ashley Barletta, Staff writer

It is very easy to become stressed while anticipating the result of the upcoming election. You have to register to vote, do research on the candidates, make sure you vote on time and all the while continue your daily activities and schoolwork while still trying to get enough sleep.

For many college students, this is quite overwhelming and the added strain of trying to choose the right candidate does not help, especially because this will affect the next four years of our lives.

However, the Sisters of Mercy have started a campaign called “Vote With Mercy,” which encourages people to reflect on the upcoming election and center themselves through prayer.

Each day, there is a different prayer intention surrounding the topic of the election, with a different concern for each intention. There is one topic devoted to each day, beginning on Oct. 20 and continuing through the election. It is never too late to participate in praying.

Subjects include issues relating to immigration, COVID-19, anti-racism, civil rights, non-violence and women. The issues are political, but also closely tied to the core values of the Sisters of Mercy.

“I know that Mercy is not a one-issue vote. Mercy is concerned about the issues that affect all of our critical concerns: women, immigration, the environment, non-violence and racism. Jesus was with and reached out to the people on the margins. That is where the Mercy vote would be – with the people on the margins” said officer for Equity, Justice and Inclusion, Sr. Natalie Rossi.

Prayer intentions and resources are being shared daily on the Sisters’ social media pages. For those staying away from social media in the run up to the election, you can access all of the prayer intentions for each day through the Sisters of Mercy website or posted outside of Campus Ministry in the Student Union.

Also on the website you can find more information on the Sisters of Mercy and what they do. The Sisters of Mercy know it is their mission to care for the needs of other people, and they do this through prayer, education and different services that help the community.
The results of the election can have a major impact on their work, be that impact a negative or a positive one.

The Sisters ask that voters truly reflect on Catherine McAuley’s vision of a better world, considering the vows of poverty, chastity, obedience and service that the Sisters take.

Most of all, their goal is to show mercy toward all people, no matter age, gender, ethnicity, background or religion. This is certainly clear as they encourage others to “Vote with Mercy.”