2021-22 housing selection

RayLynn Chraston, Staff writer

The housing selection for the 2021-2022 school year is fast approaching.

To begin the housing selection, you want to make sure that you are a part of a complete group. Your group size will determine whether you are able to pick during your selection time slot. The following group sizes that will be acceptable for the townhouse selection include groups of 4, groups of 5, as well as groups of 6. For other selections, the group sizes of 3 and 4 are acceptable.

Residence Life made sure to include that if you want to select a space but cannot fill it, they will work with you at a later date. An example of this would include wanting a Ryan Hall Quad but you only have 2 people in your group.

To check your group, visit the student hub, scroll down to the quick links and then go to your self-service. Once you get to the self-service, click on the housing forms. The housing contract can be found there. Once that has been selected, click the Room and Roommate Selection icon. This is where you can add roommates or check your group. Next, click Roommates/Suitemates. You would then confirm the term you want, which would be Fall 2021 for next year.

Your group will show up here and each group member should check to ensure that there are not any issues. If you do not see your roommates, you are able to search for them under the Roommate Search icon.

After your group has been formed, you will receive an email with your housing points. This email will have detailed how many points you have received thus far.

These points are decided by your class status and whether you have been found responsible for any code of conduct violations this academic year. It is important to know that your points are what determine when you are able to select your housing for next year. You will then be issued a number based on your housing points and will receive your priority number.

After all of this, you will receive an email containing the date and time that your group can log into the portal to pick your room. Only one member of your group should pick a room. Once your time comes, a blue box will appear on your screen and then you will be able to choose that icon in order to pick your housing. During this time, you will be able to filter by specific halls and/or just be able to find available rooms; all rooms that will house your group will show.

Once you have made a selection, you will use the drop downs to assign your group. You can tell Residence Life who is living there by doing this.

You will then see some text from Terms of Occupancy in the Housing Contract repeated below. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a “I Agree – Submit My Room Selection.” This is the final step to select your room. It is important to note that you have not secured the room until you have clicked that button. You must assign everyone in your group to a room/bed before it will let you move past this screen.

Finally, you will see a new screen that should say, “Congratulations! Your room selection is complete!” This will also pull you out of the process, and you will not be permitted to select a different space. You should receive an email confirming your choice, shortly after. If you have any remaining issues, you must email reslife@mercyhurst.edu.