On Pfizer’s full approval

Mackenzie Zent, Staff Writer

As of August 23, 2021, the FDA fully approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for everyone 16 and up. I believe that this is a huge milestone in fighting this pandemic. While many of us got the vaccine after it was approved for emergency use months ago, a large amount of people still remain unvaccinated. I think this is the push that some people need to take that step and make their first vaccination appointment.

Personally, I knew I wanted the vaccine as soon as it was available to me. I can remember going through the list of qualifications back in late March of this year, even though I knew I wouldn’t qualify to get it any sooner than anyone else my age. When I heard that Mercyhurst was offering the vaccine, I made sure I signed up right away. Stopping this pandemic that has taken so much from us is so important. I knew that the FDA wouldn’t approve anything for emergency use if it wasn’t safe, and I knew that keeping people healthy was a top priority. I was extremely happy when I heard the news that the vaccine had been approved because that meant two things: this vaccine is definitely going to keep us safe, and more people will have peace of mind getting it.

I know there are many people who had their doubts about the vaccine and said it was rushed, but now is their chance to help do their part in keeping their community safe. I think that getting vaccinated isn’t just for yourself, it’s for others too. I got the vaccine so I could have a normal college experience, I got it so I could hug my grandparents, I got it because not everyone is lucky enough to have herd immunity and the list goes on. The vaccine is our best chance at putting an end to this pandemic, and I hope this gives people who were skeptical before the confidence they need to get vaccinated as soon as they can!