Agreement with the new Texas abortion law

Laren Reesman, Staff Writer

A recent piece of legislation from Texas rocked the nation after taking a strong stance on behalf of the pro-life movement. Senate Bill 8 aims to restrict abortion to within the first six weeks of pregnancy—when a heartbeat can be detected. However, Texas took quite an unorthodox, almost revolutionary approach with this bill. Rather than punish (by fine or incarceration) those seeking an abortion or those complicit in providing an abortion, the bill puts this right into the hands of the public. An individual is now able to sue anyone complicit in providing an abortion after a heartbeat is detected. Federal institutions forfeit the right to be involved in these proceedings, allowing them to be settled within the courts.

Texas provided pro-life advocates, and anyone harmed by abortion to pressure the figures who provide and enable ending innocent lives. Texas also upheld the tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights that enables any state to make its own decisions if it does not violate constitutional statutes. The right for citizens to fight for change is more important than any Supreme Court ruling or federal law could ever be. We the people have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Life is the first necessary step in that process. Notice that this bill does not unduly punish the women being operated on, nor does it necessarily prevent the abortion. Instead, it holds these institutions, doctors and clinics accountable for the evil act of murder. Senate Bill 8 might be a new starting point in the pro-life discussion; one that turns away from what is “legal” and toward what is moral. Placing such power into the hands of people will definitely have more power than a conservative majority on the Supreme Court has. The current societal narrative of fear and hatred toward those who “take away” a woman’s reproductive rights need to but will not change if everyday citizens are not engaged. The Texas bill allows this engagement to happen.It is alarming how many women have been brainwashed or deceived by abortion clinics and the media who call it “empowering” and “free” to have an abortion until an aftermath of grief and regret hit these would-be mothers.

Women who are pressured or even forced to have an abortion can now seek justice. The pain of losing a child might be subdued by the agency to do something about it. I am curious to see whether this legislation allows people to pursue social media influencers or news sites that encourage and sometimes even directly incite getting an abortion. With the current battle against media misinformation, the ability to make entities liable for defending and promoting women’s physical and mental distress having to cope with the loss of a child is a message that needs to be curbed. It is those outspoken in favor of abortion, emboldened by the media, who seem to speak for all Americans which is blatantly false as we see at the March for Life each year continuously drawing crowds in the hundreds of thousands.Texas just made a powerful move for the public and more importantly the individual. I only pray bureaucrats and lawyers do not impede the path to justice, morality, and a better future for unborn babies.