Mercy Center for Women hosts gift drive

Hannah Brooks, Staff writer

The Mercy Emissaries will be hosting their annual Christmas gift drive starting on Nov. 16 which will last until Dec. 10.

The Mercy Emissaries is a group of staff, students and faculty that have been educated on the Sisters of Mercy and the values that they hold. They are also trained to spread their mission around campus.

The gift drive supports the mercy mission as it helps the women and children who reside at the Mercy Center for Women.

Per the Mercy Center for Women’s website, this shelter is a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Mercy and “is committed to enhancing the dignity of each per- son we serve through healing of body, mind, and spirit.”

The Center provides safe and supportive housing for homeless women with or without children, connections with social service agencies and volunteers who provide a network of support, mentoring and education to both residents and women in the community. It is an environment with spiritual and ethical values.

The gift drive provides gifts, not only for the children at the shelter, but for mothers as well. This event provides joy and hope in the lives of the residents of the shelter.

The items on the gift list often consist of kids’ toys, such as Barbie dolls, baby dolls, Legos, etc. Those who donate are asked not to wrap the gifts because a special day is set aside for the mothers at the shelter to wrap the gifts for their children. Unwrapped items can be dropped off in the barrel in front of the President’s office on the first floor of Old Main.

For mothers, gifts such as personal care items, like lotions, perfumes, etc. are being accepted. Clothing may not be the best choice as sizing may be an issue, but items such as scarves, hats, or mittens make good gifts.

Other gift suggestions include gift-wrapping supplies; gifts for women such as daily planners, adult coloring books, and picture frames; household items such as paper towels and toilet paper; and gifts that could be good for all ages such as socks, slippers, and scarves.

“Gift cards can also make a great gift, so the mothers can go to the store and purchase what they would like for their children. While we may enjoy going out and buying the gifts, it is important to remember that this drive is not about us,” said Alice Edwards, Ph.D, as the coordinator of the 2021 drive.

Cash and monetary gifts can be given to Stacey Wiley, Administrative Assistant to the President’s Office, to ensure that they are kept safe.

For more information about the gift drive, including a complete list of items for the 2021 drive, please visit the Mercy Center for Women Holiday Wish List website at