RA application process in motion

Vydalia Weatherly, Staff writer

The Office of Residence Life and Student Conduct is looking for students to serve as Resident Assistants, or RAs, for the 2022-2023 academic year.

This year’s application process does look different than previous years. Students interested in applying can do so directly on the Handshake Application.

The RA application process will take place in three phases. During the first phase application will have until Feb. 25 to apply on Handshake, attend a RA information session and attain a reference letter from a RA.

Applicants will also complete a “Hot Mess Express” where applicants will have the opportunity to show how they would tackle multiple situations if they were to occur at the same time.

The second phase of the application process is due by March 4. During this phase, the applicant will have to complete a mock program proposal, a virtual “Behind Closed Doors” session, a personality assessment and fill out an interview availability form.

The third and final phase of the application process will take place between March 1419. During this phase, applicants will be interviewed for thirty minutes by two Residence Life staff members.

In between phases, applicants will be informed if they are not moving on to the next phase. At the end of phase three, applicants will get a notification as to whether or not they will be receiving a position.

A few weeks later, those who received a position will be informed of their official assignment. Kylie Johnson currently works as the university’s Graduate Assistant Office Coordinator for the Office of Residence Life and Student Conduct. She also served as an RA for two years.

“RAs are essential to campus life,” Johnson said, “RAs play a large role in keeping our community safe and educated. They provide opportunities to their residents for academic, professional, and personal growth through connecting them to the appropriate resources.”

Many students remain on the fence about applying for the position.

“We are seeing a lot of students hesitate to apply based on what they think the time commitment is,” Johnson said. “While being an RA is a large position, it can be easily combined with other campus commitments through good time management. We currently have RAs who are athletes, double majors, ambassadors, in clubs, and are part of MSG  even the MSG President manages being an RA!”

Some students may have applied for a RA position for prior semesters and were rejected. Those students are still encouraged to apply again.

“We are looking for students who have developed and are looking to be a part of other students’ development. If you have applied in the past and have not been hired, we look at growth in academics and your personal interests,” said Johnson.

Serving as an RA comes with many benefits. As compensation, RAs receive free housing and a meal plan or stipend that is determined by their assignment.

There are many skills students can learn from serving as an RA and it is a good position to have listed on a resume.

If you have any questions about what it truly means to be a RA you can reach out to Kylie Johnson or your RA to learn more.