Amenities could be improved

Emma Coppolo, A&E Editor

The rec has been raked over the coals time and again by students claiming that it could be much better than it is. Even after the recent renovation, some feel that it could still be improved and/or that student-athletes have access to better equipment. This argument has been had far too many times to be had again, so I’d like to focus on other amenities that MU has to offer its students. However, I feel that student amenities are majorly lacking on campus. This isn’t to sound privileged or ungrateful, and I can explain why I think this is an issue in two parts.

The first part is the non-essential. The word “amenities” usually suggests something special or extra. There are definitely some changes that could be made around campus to up our game in the amenity arena. Getting skates that students can rent would be a fun way to make the ice rink usable for all students rather than some. I feel like I’ve heard so much about the rink and how much money went into it, but it’s only really available to hockey players. Luke’s Landing and the old C store in Warde could be utilized more/reopened. I’m not saying that we have to be one of those campuses that has fast food restaurants in between their academic buildings and dorms, but just a little bit of diversity in casual things to do on campus would be another draw for prospective students especially. But honestly, there is a long list of very simple things that would significantly change campus life that don’t feel like too much to ask for.

We aren’t needy for requesting basic amenities, which is part two. Did I expect to come to college and find trampolines and cotton candy machines on campus? Absolutely not (shout out Hurst Day). Would I like to be able to park in the space that I have paid for? Shockingly, yes. It feels weird to advertise spaces like the rec and events like Hurst Day and then go home to apartments that are far too often full of mold, pests, flooding or whatever other crazy thing you’ve experienced. We’re very fortunate to have the opportunity to go to school and live on campus, but the quality of housing on campus is so disproportionate. Buildings like Warde and Ryan are like hotels while buildings like McCauley and Lewis are crumbling.

The same thing goes for academic buildings. My humanities classes in Old Main are in rooms that literally have plaster falling off of the walls and ceiling. The fashion department is tucked away on the third floor where most people would never even guess to find them. The CAE, on the other hand, is absolutely stunning. And that’s great for intel and poli sci students; it really is. I’m just saying, I think that our campus needs to reevaluate its trend of favoring certain academic demographics to invest in.All I’m saying is that we all pay money to be here, and we should all be reaping the benefits.