Bryce Vine is a great SpringFest choice

Lilly English, Staff Writer

As SpringFest approaches, many students are getting excited for the semester to end and summer to begin. Bryce Vine coming to Mercyhurst is very exciting, as he brings with him good vibes and fun times. As summer nears and the weather begins to get nicer, it’s that time of the year when we start to drive with our windows down and listen to upbeat tunes.

Vine is an artist who never fails to bring these good vibes and feelings to light. With music that has a great beat and lyrics that are easy to sing along to, he creates a sense of calm, yet equal excitement with his music. As a current sophomore, I have never gotten to experience SpringFest here at Mercyhurst because of COVID-19, so it is extremely exciting for me to be able to experience SpringFest with an artist I am familiar with. With hits like “Sour Patch Kids” and “Drew Barrymore,” Vine brings a cheerful vibe that matches my excitement as a student for spring to begin and the weather to get nicer.

As I listen to his songs, I picture myself outside, with a nice breeze and the sun on my skin singing along. Many students who know his music are just as excited as I am to not only enjoy his music, but also the nice weather and time with friends that comes along with SpringFest. As an artist who hails from Westlake Village, California, Vine brings songs that resemble the warm weather, sunshine and invigorating feelings of a state that is warm and friendly all year long, in contrast to often cold and dreary Erie. Vine as an artist is not necessarily a household name, but many of his songs are recognizable and were very popular in years past. Vine is also a story of inspiration who many students can look up to. He had a rough start to his career, with only one hit song in 2014, “Sour Patch Kids.”

However, he never gave up and four years later his next hit song, “Drew Barrymore,” debuted in the year 2018. From here his music began to become popular, and he continues to grow his brand to this day. As a student who is currently in college, his story inspires me to continue to pursue my dream, just as he did. Although he did not succeed right away, Vine continued to follow his dream and is now achieving it. He is a role model that many students in college can look to for inspiration when things get tough and that is a huge reason why I am excited for him to come to Mercyhurst and share his gift as an artist.