I love my family’s Easter celebrations

Samantha Weber, Editor in Chief

Easter is right around the corner and many families are getting ready to celebrate their annual traditions. Easter is personally one of my favorite holidays because I can spend time with all my family members that I do not normally see throughout the year.To start the holiday, my family always decorates the house a few weeks before and we dye Easter eggs a few days before.

My family is Catholic, so we go to church for Easter. We have been going to the Easter Vigil mass the past few years. Thankfully my church’s Easter Vigil mass starts at 10 p.m. and not midnight. My family always spends the night at our house for Easter and the night before we get to leave carrots out for the Easter Bunny. It was always so fun to see little bite marks out of the carrots the next morning.

When we were really young, my parents used to put baby powder in our foyer and make rabbit prints in them. Similar to what we do on Christmas, my siblings always wake each other up and then proceed to wake my parents up and they have to go downstairs first and make sure the Easter Bunny does not need their help to finish anything before we can go into the living room.

When we go downstairs, we each grab baskets to do the Easter egg hunt around our house and then trade candy when we all open them.After the Easter egg hunt, my mom and I normally start cooking breakfast and our family tradition for Easter is to make monkey bread on Easter morning. While that is baking, all the kids open their Easter baskets and we all eat a ton of candy. One of my favorite traditions that we did when all of us cousins were younger was a giant Easter egg hunt. Outside of my aunt’s house, there was a little island in her road with lots of trees and bushes and the parents would hide all the eggs and make sure all the kids got the same amount so no one felt left out.

Since we are all older now we have not done it in a few years, but this tradition has some of my favorite memories with all of my cousins.Now, we go to my aunt’s house just for dinner and not the Easter egg hunt. And for dinner we always have ham, cheesy potatoes, and vegetables.