Preparing for finals is always a challenge

Francesca Divincenzo, Staff Writer

Preparation for finals will never be easy because of the added stress of this being the year’s final grade. I think many professors forget that at one time, they were in our seats working towards getting a good grade on the finals.I am lucky only to worry about two finals this semester, but others are not so lucky. Studying for finals will never be easy because your brain is switching in many ways, especially at this time of year. One minute you are studying for geology and then studying for math.

Our brains can only take in so much information. Some information is bound not to be registered. The only advice I can give to students is to use the multitude of resources on campus. Yes, that only cuts in on our social time if you let it. If you have friends in your class, form a study group and help each other succeed. Or, if you’re worried that studying with others will be distracting, sign up for tutoring and the writing center. One meeting with a tutor can go a long way. Students can also meet with professors during their office hours.

Professors want us to succeed, so ask for help even if you think it will hurt your ego. What would you rather have, a bruised ego or fail a final? Only you can answer that question. If your class requires you to memorize a lot of terminology, then make a Quizlet of the terms and quiz yourself. Some professors concentrate on examples of the vocabulary, so focus on writing up examples of them. It is important that you are not cocky about passing your finals because it’s one thing studying outside of the test, but it all changes that day of the exam. Some students know the information, but test anxiety can be crippling. It is essential to stay active, and take care of your mental and physical health, especially in the weeks leading up to the finals. Taking a walk around the campus with your headphones on can get your brain out of the test mindset.

Dealing with stress is essential, so be kind to yourself, take a walk, or reward yourself with a treat like getting ice cream from the dining hall. I know I eat a lot near test time to deal with the stress, but that can be problematic as well, so be good to yourself and don’t consistently use food as a stress reliever. Another way to deal with finals is to make a studying schedule. I study from seven-thirty to noon in the morning because my brain does not like to work at night—but everyone is different. It is also important to remember you only have to pass, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Take a study break and go hang out with friends. It is important also to remember procrastination is not the best thing to do, especially since some finals cover every unit from the class, so that is more information to remember. In conclusion it is essential to be kind to yourself and do what is best for you in order to succeed on your finals, use your resources, work hard, and it will all turn out okay.