Campus walkways should be safer

Frankie Divincenzo, Staff writer

If I could say one bad thing
about the Mercyhurst campus,
it would be the lighting
outside. Dim lights are not
safe on any campus, whether
a small campus like ours or a
large one like any other big
university. It is way too dark
One of my favorite hobbies
is walking around. I try to walk
at least three days a week. But
I do not feel safe walking on
campus whatsoever. Although
the campus is beautiful, it
can get scary after dark. The
lighting outside is god awful
when it is dark.
One morning I was going to
breakfast, and it was not light
out yet. Sadly, I slipped on the
ice and broke my elbow. I had
to stay home for two weeks
after this happened.
Although I love hanging
out with my friends that
live in Ryan, I cannot hang
out too late because I hate
walking in the dark. It is scary
once the sun goes down and
everyone has gone home to
their apartments and dorms.
I feel defenseless and scared;
everything feels like the
opening of a Law And Order
Although I like walking on
campus and getting exercise,
I do worry. Especially when
people drive like animals all
over campus. I also should
not have to carry a flashlight
around anytime I walk in the
dark. It becomes exhausting.
Students should be able
to stay out as long as they
want and not have to use a
flashlight. Every lamp post
around campus should be
bright enough that you can see
Walking outside in the
winter is especially difficult
over at the Mercy Apartments.
No one salts the sidewalks
there, so it gets very icy. I feel
that students should be able
to feel safe walking on their
college campus.
One of the downsides of
where I live at the Mercy
Apartments is that my friends
and my classes are all the
way across campus. It is hard
to plan with friends around
timing so I don’t have to walk
back in the dark.
I want to have the luxury
of walking whenever I want
to, making plans past seven
at night and live life without
the fear of falling or breaking
a bone again. I had to stop
walking to breakfast early in
the morning because I was
terrified of breaking another
bone or cracking my head
I love to walk. I want to
walk when I want, put my
headphones in, and not worry
about anything. I know there
are treadmills and ellipticals
at the gym, but I wouldn’t
say I like the gym’s smells and
sounds. It is disgusting, and
I get sensory overload being
there. I want to do what I
want, when I want to. I know I
cannot let fear rule my life, but
that is easier said than done.
I wish the campus was better
lit. It is safer for everyone,
and it is also safer if they salt
everywhere in the winter. We
pay enough money so when it
is icy out, we should not have
to deal with this crap.