MSG rebuts minor point in 'political delegation' article

In response to Mark Fuhry’s article “Political science organization operating under guise of club,” it has been brought to the attention of Mercyhurst Student Government that we are allegedly to blame for the accusations at hand.

In properly understanding where MSG stands on the matter, one must first look at our mission statement. MSG is committed to preserve, protect and defend the mission of Mercyhurst College and equally the Constitution of the MSG, specifically in promoting the values of truth, individual integrity, human dignity, mercy and justice, through the focus and representation of the undergraduate student body in academic, financial, social, cultural and political affairs of the Mercyhurst Community.

This being said, it is in no way the intention of MSG to support registered clubs and organizations that try to take away these core values from our students.

Anytime individuals wish to create a new club on campus (which students have the right to do as long as they follow the guidelines), a purpose of the Recognized Student Clubs/Organizations (RSCOs) must be submitted to the Center of Student Engagement and Leadership Development for approval which is then presented to the MSG Senate.

After review and approval from both the MSG Senate and the Center of Student Engagement and Leadership Development, the RSCO is established. From conception and approval on, it is the direct responsibility of the adviser of each club to ensure that RSCOs are maintaining and standing by what was originally established in the RSCO Recognition Application.

While MSG agrees with Fuhry’s charge that it is “the responsibility of MSG to hold these clubs accountable to their mission statement,” we suggest that he attach a heavier focus upon each RSCO’s individual adviser.
MSG is not the policing force behind RSCOs. We are here to be the guiding pillars to each individual RSCO’s executive board. This being said, every RSCO is able to attend workshops throughout the year which address specific issue areas, including budget and finance, public relations and general executive branch responsibilities.
Additionally, RSCOs have the option of having a MSG Senator act as a direct liaison between the RSCO and MSG.

We ask Fuhry to review these procedural additives and see exactly where the blame should be directed.
MSG is here to serve all students of Mercyhurst College, and we work very hard and responsibly to ensure that our motto “we’re your voice” is upheld in every way possible.