A fall break spent making memories

Bella Lee, Staff writer

My fall breaks have been sporadic my entire time here at Mercyhurst. My freshman year I went to Rochester to surprise a friend I had at the time, my sophomore year it was nonexistent due to COVID and my junior year I just stayed on campus because I could not go anywhere else. However, this year I can say that I had a really awesome fall break. While I remained in Erie for the break, my boyfriend visited so I was able to spend the entirety of the break with him. He and I had met online and had been friends for two years. He visited Erie (and me) for the first time at the end of August and we officially became an item about a month and a half ago, so this was his first time visiting since we got together. Since he and I are both history nerds, we decided to take advantage of the many historical sites that Erie has in store. We got to go to the Erie Maritime Museum, the Erie Art Museum and the Hagen History Center. An added bonus with the maritime museum is that we were also able to join a tour of the Brig Niagara, something that we did not expect to happen at first. While I had been to the maritime museum and the Hagen History Center in the past, I had never been to the art museum, so it was a first for the both of us. I additionally took us to the top of the Bicentennial Tower, where we were able to take in the amazing views from up high. It was super windy up top, but it was definitely worth it to see the look on my boyfriend’s face when he was experiencing everything. That was followed by a trip to Presque Isle, where we had already been once to see the foliage changing color, because I did not want him to miss an experience of seeing the sunset over Lake Erie. Presque Isle is so beautiful during fall.The trip was topped off with a lovely photoshoot at the Wintergreen Gorge Cemetery (thanks Victoria!) and a trip to Port Farms, where we went on the hayride and traveled through the corn maze, among other things. We are already planning the next adventure for when he is here, since we are long distance at the moment (he is from Indiana). However, I can confidently say that this was the best fall break I have ever had. Being able to share all of the places I love with someone I love is really meaningful to me, and I cannot wait until the next time he is back so that I can show him even more.