MAC/SAC gains insight at NACA conference

Bella Lee, Staff writer

Mercyhurst can thank MAC/SAC (Multicultual Activities Council and Student Activities Council and MSG (Mercyhurst Student Government) for a lot of the events that occur on campus every year. Whether it’s any of the weekend events we get to enjoy or bigger events like SpringFest, they always do an amazing job of making the students happy.

However, members of MAC/SAC are students themselves, so they need to learn the ropes of how to successfully pull off all of these events.

From Oct. 20-22, members of MAC/SAC were able to attend a conference in Fort Wayne, IN, for the National Association of Campus Activities, otherwise known as NACA. According to its mission statement, “NACA empowers members to amplify the campus experience through inclusive learning, meaningful connections, and engaging entertainment that transforms college communities.”

Their core values include stewardship, innovation, communication, respect, learning and inclusivity. Mik Sciortino, junior Social Work major and one of the MAC/SAC chairs, was among the members who attended NACA. “At NACA we learn about the different vendors, performers, and activities we can bring to campus,” Sciortino said. “We also meet up with some schools to see if we can partner with them for events.”

Over the course of the three-day conference, the members of MAC/SAC were able to learn a lot of crucial tips in making the events they host even more successful. “During the three days we were at NACA we went to a bunch of showcases where performers show us what they can bring to our campus,” said Sciortino. “We also went to a marketplace to meet performers, vendors, and we also got some free things like tee-shirts and personalized license plates so we could really test out the vendors and their activities.”

While partaking in NACA, MAC/SAC members were both able to learn important lessons and have fun while doing so. “One thing I gained is more insight on how to effectively plan and execute an event,” said Sciortino. “We learned about ways we can increase event attendance and produce events that our whole campus will love! We also gained more vendors that we can work with to really grow our ideas and branch out to events we haven’t done in the past!

My favorite part about the whole experience was making memories with all the programmers, advisors and of course my co-chair. We made a lot more inside jokes and enjoyed our time together. We are all excited to share the event calendar we made for next semester and there is a lot to look forward to!”

Next time you see a MAC/SAC programmer, thank them for all that they have done to make your weekend the best ever! The next MAC/SAC weekend events are Día de los Muertos on Nov. 4 and Coffee and Coloring on Nov. 5, so be sure to join! Consider taking advantage of the many campus events that are offered at Mercyhurst.

Although many students enjoy going home for the weekends, MAC/SAC offers opportunities to make some new friends, or to enjoy company with other students you may know already.It is a great chance to feel more a part of the campus community and to truly understand why Hurst is called home by so many people.If you feel called to organize events and lead students in activities, consider joining MAC/SAC yourself ! To make sure you do not miss out on any MAC/SAC or MSG events, follow them on Instagram @msglakers and find both organizations on Laker Launchpad.