Seasonal winter coffee drinks for the win

Mackenzie Zent, Opinion editor

McKayMy favorite seasons are spring and summer, personally I am not a big fan of the colder weather that comes with fall and winter. However, one redeeming factor is the seasonal menus that places like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts have.Everyone gets excited over the pumpkin spice lattes in the fall, but those just do not do it for me. I do not like pumpkin that much, so I always look for an alternative to the classic pumpkin spice that takes over every drink in the fall. At Dunkin’ they have a blood orange refresher on their fall menu, which I really like. I enjoy fruity, cold, summer tasting drinks all year round, and this one I love because it is orange for fall.At Starbucks they have an apple crisp oatmilk macchiato, which I tried for the first time this year. I like all my drinks cold, so I was sure to get it iced. It tasted like I was drinking Quaker Oats apple cinnamon oatmeal. That is definitely not a bad thing though, I thought it was spot on for the flavor they were trying to achieve. If you like apple cinnamon, this is the drink for you.Personally, I prefer the special menu drinks they have in winter over the drinks in the fall. If there is one thing to know about me, it is that I am a slut for peppermint mocha. I usually like mocha lattes during any other time of the year, so adding peppermint is such a nice treat especially around Christmas time. Tim Horton’s has peppermint mocha iced capps and those are amazing. They top it off with whipped cream and peppermint pieces too, it is so fun. I always look forward to getting them in December.Years ago at Tim Hortons they had a sugar cookie white hot chocolate, and it was so good. Every year I check their menu to see if they brought it back and they have not had it since which is really disappointing. On the Dunkin’ Donuts menu for this coming winter season they have a cookie butter cold brew, and I am so excited to try it. I like lattes better because I do not like a strong coffee taste but when I saw it on the menu I knew I would have to get it at least once. I think the cookie butter flavor is a great idea because it is less common so other coffee places most likely will not have the same one.Starbucks is going to bring back its sugar cookie almond milk latte again, and I am looking forward to that too. That one is very sweet so it is not something I would get all the time, but it is perfect for those cold days in November when I need motivation to go to class. Last year I alternated from getting the sugar cookie latte and the peppermint mocha latte, and I am excited to do the same thing this year. Overall, the fall menu drinks just do not live up to the drinks of winter in my book. There are so many more flavor options to explore in winter and they almost make me excited for the weather to get colder and for snow to begin to fall.