Rhianna’s Superbowl halftime performance was a super slay

Christina Judy, Staff writer

he fifteen minutes of bliss that Rihanna gave us during the Superbowl fifty-seven halftime show proved to not be long enough.
From the moment the spotlight found her, suspended on a platform over the stage, she slayed and continued to do so until the end of the show.
Rihanna’s empowering red outfit radiated throughout her performance as she danced with her innumerable amount of backup dancers. In spite of being surrounded by her dance crew, nine-time grammy-winning artist Rhianna seemed like the “only girl” in the entire stadium as her vocals silenced any other noise in the area.
Her 12-song setlist was absolutely incredible and gave so many audience members what they wanted as they sung along to her timeless tunes.
In an interview conducted prior to the halftime show, Rihanna stated that she would have a special guest be a surprise onstage. Fans later found out that special guest is her second child! Friends and family of the celebrity are surely pouring it up in celebration of Rihanna’s heartwarming news.
It is safe to say, 2023 has already been an eventful and fulfilling year for Rhianna after putting on such a stunning performance in an equally entertaining NFL game.
One of the best, but unexpected parts of her performance was that she joined her dancers in bumping to her own hits at multiple points. Her dancers brought high energy to the stage—and even in the air, not letting up for one second. Their hip-hop style helped mesmerize the fans and pump them up.
Rihanna encouraged her dancers by participating in a few moves herself and her dance crew had no issue stepping aside to let the queen herself have some fun.

Once Rihanna sang the first note, they were fully enthralled in her show.
She turned to all sides of the stadium and went on the same level as the nosebleeds to ensure that every person felt a part of the experience.
My absolute favorite part out of her whole setlist was when she sang “Diamonds in the Sky.” One reason is because she put on this glamorous jacket and hopped back onto the platform to rise into the evening air. Rihanna and her talent were the only focus. No backup dancer was shown, no member of the crowd, all that could be seen was Rihanna and the brightest lights behind her that were meant to resemble the shine of a diamond.
Finally at the very end of the song, she held the last note and looked upward at the sky, which drew fans to believe she saw the stars as she painted them in her song. She must have felt in that moment “as diamonds in the sky.”

Although it felt like her stage time came and went, I truly savored every moment.I, like so many others, was unable to look away from the screen or engage in any small talk because Rhianna put on a show that felt like a concert.
All of the songs she sang were
well known and wonderful singa-long songs, so even if you were
unfamiliar with her newer hits,
you could still enjoy her time
during the Superbowl halftime