Franklin Jonas: No longer just the “bonus Jonas”

Samantha Weber, Editor in chief

Perhaps you have heard of the Jonas Brothers, but did you know there are actually four of them and not just three?

Franklin Jonas, the youngest of the four, has recently announced that he will be rebranding, and releasing music too.

Earlier this month, he released his debut single, “Cocaine,” along with his very first music video.

Jonas stated that writing and releasing this song is the most vulnerable thing he has ever done. I can appreciate people being real and vulnerable when releasing songs that get personal, but this one was not my favorite.

It had a nice rhythm to it and pretty instrumentals in the background; however, the type of music was not for me.

It was very slow and sounded almost nostalgic, like it should have been released decades ago. I definitely think that type of music is cool, it is just not my thing.

Franklin Jonas, sometimes

known as the ‘bonus Jonas,’ or the ‘forgotten Jonas,’ has attempted to shake those labels with the release of “Cocaine.”

Now that he is writing and releasing music of his own, he is hoping to jump out of the shadows of his older brothers and become more of his own person.

I am sure people will want to compare his music to that of his older brothers though, who have almost two decades of music experience on him, so that really would not be fair.

Fans online have been loving Franklin Jonas for years as he has been making TikToks for a while now.

Some have called him the “slayest of them all” and are wholeheartedly ready to support him in his music career.

While I am biased, I do think being a part of Gen Z automatically makes him cooler, so that could also be a reason young people on TikTok love him too.

Personally, I love his outfits and aesthetic, which is why I was really excited for the release of his song because I thought it would be really cool.

Looking back, it does make

sense for “Cocaine” to sound the way it does because it totally fits with his vibe; smooth and aesthetic, just like him.

While I commend Jonas for being so open and vulnerable, especially with this being his first song released, I prefer the older Jonas Brothers better.

Their music is upbeat and energetic, and really fun to sing along to.

It is nostalgic for me to listen to their music too because I remember it from when I was little, and I get to enjoy their new music as they release it currently.

The next album by the Jonas Brothers will be released on May 5, and I am really excited to listen to it.

I think it is a good thing that Franklin Jonas’ sound is so different from his older brothers because it will help keep them separate, without being compared too much.

I am looking forward to watching Franklin Jonas’ music career take off, I know he has good things coming in the future.